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Virtual conference

EBTA VIRTUAL CONFERENCE 01.03 - 30.11.2016

The EBTA conference of 23-25.09.2016 will be supplemented by a virtual conference that will be online from the first of March till the end of November 2016 (and for some elements, long after that).


For the last few years, there have been many more workshops proposals than the organizers had room for. So instead of making painful and often unjust choices, we decided that at the Bruges conference there would be no workshops at all, just Invited Talks and Open Spaces. But for those who have interesting ideas they want to communicate and who think an Open Space is not the right place to do this, we propose a wholy new forum: an eight-month long virtual conference.


  1. You make a video of the material you want to present. This can be a traditional talk; you can propose exercises that people can do at home; you can film a conversation about your topic between you and some collaborators at your workplace; you can film demonstrations; in fact as long as it can be filmed, you can include anything that you find useful.
  2. If you want a wide audience, make your presentation in English. But if you prefer, you can present your virtual workshop in any language you want.
  3. There will be a forum on the website where people can communicate about your presentation, and where you can enter into a discussion with your audience.
  4. In addition to this, we will try to arrange slots where you can enter into a live online discussion with your audience. We make no promises here at the moment! We will try to arrange it, but we are not sure that we will succeed.
  5. You will also be able to post on the website texts, powerpoint presentations etc. that go with your presentation.
  6. And if you plan to propose an Open Space discussion at the Bruges Conference, why not post some material on the virtual conference website beforehand?


  1. The EBTALKS and Masterclasses at the conference will be filmed and will be aired on the website, probably in real time. In addition, they will reamin there at least until November 30.
  2. Our Korzybski Reporters will make soms video interviews with participants at the Bruges conference, which will also go online.


  1. The normal price is the same as for the real-world Bruges conference: 270€
    What you save are the travel and accommodation costs.
  2. There is no discount if you are a presenter.
  3. If you are from a developing country or if your personal fincances do not allow you to pay this, please tell us on virtualconference2016@gmail.com. A limited number of participants can enroll at the virtual conference free of charge.