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Elliot Connie

Elliot Connie (US)

Elliott (Keller, Texas) is a very passionate, active, generous psychotherapist who teaches all over the world. In his sparkling way he talks about what is working in SFT and promotes the approach with great energy!
The Connie Institute hosts events, teaches around the globe and delivers material to be used in even the most challenging cases. His work and writing on couples is a delight!

Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a difficult approach to learn and even hard to master. By focusing ons SFBT through the language acquistion process, instead of just the techniques, this masterclass will use video examples from Solution Focused conversations as well as stories from the presenter from his own pratice and of course, practice exercises to improve and hone your language skills.
You can find him on www.elliottspeaks.com


Rayya Ghul

Rayya Ghul (UK)

People are doing it for themselves

Rayya Ghul, is the author of The Power of the First Small Step, a solution focuses self-help book. Writing for the self-help market forced her to think about solution focus in different ways. This masterclass will share those insights, such as busting the myths of problem-solving and change, how goals are always unrealistic and, of course, the power of the next small step. you will explore how these insights, exercices and ideas could help you work more effectively with your clients to do what solution focus does best; create sustainable change. This workshop could be particulary useful to people working in services with long waiting lists.Rayya.ghul@canterbury.ac.uk


Biba Rebolj

Biba Rebolj (Slovenia)

Founder of the first Slovenian Solution Focused Institue (Ribalon Institute). Biba promotes the SF approach in a refreshing way. She works with young disadvantaged people, adolescents and their parents, young graduates, young entrepeneurs and teams and organisations.

In this masterclass we'll together explore and share stories from professional development journey of a SF practitioner. Not only do we use Solution Focused practice with our clients, we can also utilize SF principes in our own development and career on a meta-level. SF profoundly touched and changed many of our lives in a number of unique and fascinating ways. The inspiration we get from each other and reflection upon our own stories provides us with the energy to keep going. We'll share some real life examples of what first appeared as a "dead end" street in trying to pave your way through and advocate for SF. Further we'll explore how to use these examples as a learning experience to grow by utilizing resources and doing something different. You'll have an opportunity to share your own career milestones and succes stories, to find inspiration and a way forward in your current practice, as well as enjoy the peer to peer inspiration space, which enables homes for new ideas and confidence to take you one step further in pursuing your SF passion.
biba.rebolj@ff.uni-lj.si or biba@ribalon.si


Irene Lansdaal

Irene Lansdaal (The Netherlands)

Irene is a trainer and coach in the SF approach. She organizes workshops and training for all kind of companies. In this masterclass she focusses on all of you who teach or give workshops. People attending a workshop differ in the way they relate to you as the trainer. You can call them 'visitortype', 'complainingtype', 'customestype' or 'co-experttype'. How to deal with this as a trainer? How do you handle this in the most effective way? How do you make sure all participants get their maximum out of the training? How do you practice what you preach?
Participants will acquire a more conscious use of the flowchart, more skills to handle this in groups and the ability to intervene in a differentiated way...

Herman Prust

 Herman Prüst (The Netherlands)

Herman Prüst is working as a psychomotor therapist for more than 20 years, working with adults, adolescents and families. In his own company he works as trainer, coach and teacher. Since 2006 he is fully committed to SFBT. He developed e.g. a research instrument to examine SF practices in teams. The workshop he will be presenting together with Irene Lansdaal will be about how to deal with signals of participants that give the impression of being in different relationships with them at the same time: visitortypical, complainanttypical, customertypical or co-expert. How do you handle this in an effective SF way? How do you make sure all participants get their maximum out of the training? How do you practice what you preach? Participants will acquire a more conscious use of the flowchart, more skills to handle this in groups and the ability to intervene in a differentiated way...

Ferdinand Wolf

Ferdinand Wolf (Austria)

Solution Focused Therapy - a non political approach? - Experiences between philosophy, history and every day life in a world of movements.
Solution Focused Therapy was founded out of pratical issues in the work with clients. It was a trial to break the boundaries of traditional psychotherapeutic approaches with the classical assumptions of resistance and hierarchy in the therapeutic context in taking special attention and respect for the client's own descriptions, personal needs and goals in opposite to the traditional therapist's hypotheses, diagnoses and strategies which were signs of asymmetric power.
Steve De Shazer and his team tried to focus on client's strengths, abilities  and skills and proper ways to cope with difficult situations to find a normal way of life. Many people in the therapeutic field got fascinated in ths "opposite" approach.
So this was also a politcal movement in the field of psychotherapy?

This presentation is an attempt to start a dialogue about the essence and us of sf-therapy in a world of massive movements. Movements of economy (CETA, TTIP), climate change and desperating people out of wars and increasing the discrepancy of the levels between rich and poor in different parts of the world. Movements that bring an enormous amount of desperate people to situations where they risk their lives to reach the coasts of hope and desire countries. This hopes and desires relate to the assumptions that there are comfort places in the world  where no war and no climate extreme takes place. So these people believe that they can find a place , where they are able to live together in peace and well being with a good future for their children.

 Does sf-therapy out of its "oppositional" history offer some special and useful philosphical issues, attitudes and supportive skills to work and survive emotionally in the encounter with these people in a surrounding, where xenophobia, right wing nationalistic articulation, closing borders and mistrust in traditional political systems seems to get state of the art?
Let us start a dialogue about this topic summarizing different experiences and ideas to withstand and cope with actual mood and situation!


Sylvie Carette

Sylvie Carette (B)

 Sylvie is a licensed psychologist working as an educational contibutor with Autisme Centraal in Belgium and abroad. She teaches theoretical and practional courses in the field of autism. For years she has been accompanying people with autism, their families, schools, etc.

Chris Iveson

Chris Iveson (UK)

Embraceable you

It is often said that Solution Focused Brief Therapy doesn't deal with emotions. It would be more true to say that Solution Focused Brief Therapy doesn't deal with anything. It creates. Our business is the creation of hope and the possibility of fulfilled desires.
Three videos, three embraces: the co-creation of longed-for closeness.

Chris (UK) is an inspiring workshop presenter with an international reputation as a teacher and practitioner of solution focused brief therapy. A former social worker and family therapist, he co-founded BRIEF, a London-based clinic and one of the world's leading brief therapy centers. Chris and his colleagues have played a significant part in the development of solution focused brief therapy over the past two decades and have been especially interested in doing as little as possible to intervene in their client's lives.


Rudy Heylen

Rudy Heylen (B)

Rudy Heylen is a Korzybski Trained sports mental coach, working with the 2016 Belgian Premier League champions 'FC Bruges', assisting several Olympic Athletes through out his career and was recently acclaimed for his part in cyclist Wout Van Aert's World Champion title.

Rudy is regularly interviewed as a mental coach expert by the national press, active as a speaker/trainer for several sport federations and until recently lector and the University of Brussels.

During his masterclass Rudy will be sharing insights on how Solution Focused mental coaching can bring top athletes to their best level. Showing the broad application of Solution Focuses working according to the Bruges Model, from helping the most vulneralble surviving every day life to coaching the most achieving and talented characters how to optimally enhance their performances.


Nadine Callens

Nadine Callens (B)

Nadine is an experienced social worker active within "Pupil Guidance Centers", (co-)author with dr. Myriam Le Fevere de Ten Hove on 'Survival-kit for teachers' and author of a handbook about the Solution Focused approach to auto mutilation. She has trained a large population of the Flemish Pupil Guidance Counselors in SF work, Kid Skills, Solution Focused Safety planning, NVR, working with children in divorce situations and will be talking about her Solution Focused approach to auto-mutilation.