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Organisation Korzybski

Organization Korzybski Institute

The first Korzybski Institutes, those of Belgium, of France and of the Netherlands, were founded back in 1982 as training and research centers in systemic and Ericksonian psychotherapy. In 2010 they were united into Korzybski International.

In 1984 we developed the first element of the Bruges model, the vision on therapy as restoring freedom of choice, and the focus on what the client wants that followed from this, together with the attention on their competences and resources. in 1990 our inviting Steve de Shazer followed this. The solution-focused model he had developed proved to have so much in common with the Bruges vision that it appeared evident to join our wagon to this train.
Later, the development of the theory of habits brought us into the realm of cognitive behavior therapy. This is the reason we now refer to our as model Solution-Focused Cognitive Therapy, or also SF Cognitive and Systemic Therapy because systems theory remains important in our thinking.

Korzybski International and/or its staff members are (often founding) members of the IASTI (International Association of Solution-Focused Teaching Institutes), of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA), of the International Family Therapy Association (IFTA), of the European Brief Therapy Association (EBTA), of the Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association (SFBTA), of the Solutions in Organizations Linkup (SOL), of the Association Européenne pour la Recherche en Thérapie Systémique (AERTS), of the Belgian Association for Trainers in Systemic Therapy (BVOSP), and of the Belgian Association for Relationship and Family Therapy and Systemic Practice (BVRGS).

Some of its staff members are or were also active in other institutes, notably the Cerfasy in Neuchâtel and the WILOB (Lenzburg) in Switzerland, the NIK (Bremen), the GOG (Schwerte) and the SyST (Munich) in Germany, La Durance (Marseille) and Pégase Processes (Saint-Brieuc) in France and the Pontifical University of Salamaca in Spain. Korzybski International also works in collaboration, in Belgium with the Psychology Faculty of the Université de Mons-Hainaut and with the Artevelde Hogeschool in Ghent, in the Netherlands with the RINO Noord-Holland in Amsterdam, and with the Heart and Soul of Change Project.

Korzybski International currently organizes a four-year training course in Solution Focused Cognitive and Systemic Therapy and Ericksonian  Therapy (in Dutch) as wel as an internet-based one-year course in Solution Focused Cognitive and Systemic Therapy (now available in French, English and Dutch, from 2017 also in German).

Research has been mainly conducted in collaboration with the AZ Sint-Jan AV hospital in Bruges. Various outcome studies with alcoholics have been done and are still running. A multiple-centre study with chronic and therapy-resistant depressives is in the planning phase.